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Desk Storage Units - An Overview


The importance of storage cabinets is universal, and it has been a basic requirement across offices, institutions, homes and any other set ups. Serious documents, official files & folders, personal belongings, and many other essential items are needed to be stored in the storage cabinets. As an essential office furniture, the storage cabinets must be placed at a proper space from where they are easily accessible. Also, while buying a storage cabinet one should always look for wheels attached underneath so that it can be easily moved from one place to another.

Storage cabinets or desk storage units also serve as an organizer as they keep your space clean, managed and organized. If you have an office space, then you must have multiple storage units for separate functions of your office.


Ergoflex is one of the leading office storage units manufacturers creating smart storage spaces since decades. With us you will find a huge collection of office storage units based on modern styles and contemporary designs that will elevate the image of your office and home space. Here, the storage units are sleek in design and come with a variety of colours including oak, mahogany, cherry, teak, walnut and honey finish. You will also get a variety of forms and shapes perfectly designed according to your needs. Our office storage units offer single door to multiple door storage systems in various sizes in combinations of drawers and doors. Few of our cabinets have a single door with a single or multiple drawers at the top, whereas we also offer cabinets that have either multiple pull-out drawers or double door at the front. In addition to our collection, we manufacture two tier storage cabinets as well with 3 doors on top and 3 doors at bottom. Above all, Ergoflex creates storage solutions that will not only organize your belongings but will also provide a smart look to your room. That’s the reason our products and experience across eastern India make us one of the top storage units manufacturer.



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