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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This article discusses on few great ideas for improving your interior décor.

furniture colour matched with floor - Ergoflex

This has always been a point of concern for interior designers/decorators and people who have a passion for room decoration. It’s very important to choose furniture according to the floor texture because that’s how your furniture will stand out to make an impression. Although there are no strict rules to follow if you maintain a few basic guidelines then your rooms will look better in every situation.

Go for contrast:

Contrasts have always been magical as it breaks the monotonous mood of the room. If your floor is dark in colour then you may select your furniture in a lighter shade and vice versa. Moreover, you can experiment with complimentary colours and textures, for example, if your sofa cover is dark then go for white/light grey cushion covers irrespective of your floor colour. You can apply the same formula to your beds too.

For textured floor:

If you have a textured floor either made with wood, mosaic or tiles then you can play around with a few colours for your furniture. But you must also keep an eye on the tone of your floor. Lighter shades of yellow, green or blue will work better with a darker wooden tone.

With wooden floor:

The common mistake that people make is matching all the furniture with the wooden floor. It is recommended to avoid such matchings as it gives a repetitive and monotonous feel. It’s better to combine colours and mix textures in order to add warmth to your décor. For example, with a textured wooden floor, you can try dark tones for your furniture, it will look interesting!

While there are so many great ideas to improve your room décor, you might get confused to select the right colour for your furniture and floor. Hence it is wise to take an expert's opinion who will guide you throughout and assist in making a wonderful place to live. At Ergoflex, our skilled furniture experts are providing strategic consultations, making better homes, offices and institutions every day. You can connect with us by clicking this link here, book an appointment and create a beautiful space.

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