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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This article provides insights on the trends that will be popular in 2022.

designer bed in grey - Ergoflex

Trends of furniture will keep changing with the advent of new designs, styles and changing tastes and preferences of the customers. We are on the verge of starting a new phase of time and we will get to see some fantastic trends in the coming year of 2022. In this article we will bring top 5 furniture trends for you that designers are predicting for the upcoming year. This will surely help you to get new ideas if you are looking to re-decor your home or wish to bring in new furniture.

The most popular furniture trends of 2022

Trend 1: Curved furniture

comfortable curved chair - Ergoflex

Beyond straight lines, curved shapes might set a trend in next year as we can see a rise in demand for them already. With this kind of furniture, your room will look cozier and more comfortable. Also, if you can add some bright colours to it, it will be a perfect gel. However, the sharp-lined furniture cannot be discarded easily as it looks elegant and smart as ever.

Display cabinet with storage below - Ergoflex

Trend 2: Smart cabinets

Cabinets are getting smarter with time as the new age customers have become selective with the items they want. With a rise in online shopping and the introduction of new designs almost every day, customers are demanding smart cabinets for their homes. And these cabinets are widely getting used in kitchens, washrooms, living rooms, and offices too. From a rug to furniture, design has become one of the essential parts of a furniture piece today.

Trend 3: Texture driven furniture

Curved sofa in white cover - Ergoflex

Out of all the furniture placed in the rooms, there will be one or two furniture that will add fun to your collection. Textured fabrics or sometimes a centre table, a chair, and even a cushion of a sofa can add a lot of vibrance to your room. But you need to combine the texture and plain stuff smartly. A plain sofa with a textured cushion or a textured center table with a plain chair can work wonders for you.

Work from home table - Ergoflex

Trend 4: Home offices will be a priority

Work from home is a trend that will stay for a long in 2022 and beyond. Hence there will be more rise in work-from-home tables and chairs in order to make the workplace comfortable and stress-free. While you select online furniture you need to check the functionality as a priority. Rest, you can choose from a wide collection of modern design work from home furniture from reputed furniture manufacturing brand.

Trend 5: Minimal design

Office meeting table - Ergoflex

The minimalistic trend has already been on the rise, and it will continue for next year according to furniture experts. With the rise of online shopping and a surge of fantastic new designs available with a click of a button, consumers can explore the world of furniture designs available both domestically and internationally. Hence the demand for smart furniture is going to stay for a long period of time. At Ergoflex, you will get a huge collection of upcoming trends that are combined with contemporary designs and modern styles. The latest models are finely manufactured from our state-of-the-art furniture factory and will also be available in our showroom that is opening shortly. #Biophilicdesign #Sustainability #Mindfulspaces #Homeworkrooms #Multifunctionalspaces #Curvedfurnishings #basementremodel #HomeDepotxFlooring#trendsof2022 #minimaldesigns #modernfurniture #workfromhomeoffice #onlinefurniture #latestfurnituredesign #smartfurnitureinkolkata #furnitureof2022

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