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अखरोट और ओक में सिल्विया वर्कस्टेशन (छह का सेट)

  • Dimension: Small - 900mm (L) 600mm (W) 750mm/1200mm (H) // Medium - 1050mm (L) 600mm (W) 750mm/1200mm (H) // Large - 1200mm (L) 600mm (L)750mm/1200mm (H)
    Finish: Laminate (Walnut & Oak)
    Board Material: Pre lam Particle Board
    Partition: 60mm Thick CRCA Partition
    Powder Coated Colour: White
    Raceway Type: Double Raceway
    Bottom tiles of partition: Double, 9mm Pre lam Particle board
    Top Tiles for partition: Marker board  &  fabric board
    Extended Side Table: None
    Table Top Thkness: 25mm
    Gable End/Leg: 60mm Thick CRCA Partition
    Gable End/Leg thkness: 60mm Thick CRCA Partition

    Pop up box not included, available at various sizes at additional cost.

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