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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This article discusses 3 great methods of selecting the perfect wardrobe.

wardrobe for bedroom - Ergoflex

A wardrobe makes a perfect fit only if it is rightly proportional to the size of your bedroom. Anything smaller or bigger in size will not only harm the look but will also make the wardrobe a misfit. Once you manage that, the next steps would be selecting the design and colour which also plays a pivotal role for the overall bedroom view. With our experience in furniture industry, we have highlighted 3 major points that you need to consider before purchasing a wardrobe.

Bedroom wall size

Bedroom wall is the backbone of fitting your wardrobe. You need to be absolutely sure about the wall where you would place your furniture. Your wall shape could be vertical or horizontal, depending on the size you need to order it. Moreover, there can be a chance of finding an extra space either left / right or on the top of the wardrobe. Plan it beforehand whether you would like to fill that up with extra shelves and overhead storage or leave it clean.

designer wardrobe in white - Ergoflex

Design & Colour

Once the size is decided, the next important step is to select the laminate design and colour. Here again, you need to consider the colour shades of your bedroom wall and other interior furniture and then select the design of laminate. With a lighter room colour you can safely go with a darker laminate for your wardrobe. In some cases, a combination of grained laminate and soft colour can create wonders for your bedroom. Refer to the images here.

A beautiful Scandinavian display unit featuring elegance and functionality.

Compartments & Sections

With modern closets and wardrobes coming to trend, the concepts of traditional shelves have faded already. The need has now inclined more to functionality and creating spaces inside the wardrobes. Pull-out drawers with soft closing systems, pull-out hanger mechanisms, trouser racks, his n her section, skirting drawers, and glass drawers are now in high demand. Depending on your requirements you have to make the partitions in a way that all spaces are utilized.

components and sections of closets

At Ergoflex, we have been constantly researching and innovating on furniture, making it aptly functional yet attractive. We understand the change of time and shift of customer preferences which inspire us to deliver the exact furniture piece you need. The concept of wardrobes too has also changed and that’s the reason we are adding more to our collection every time. For a consultation with our wardrobe experts, connect with us.

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