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While setting up an office it is important that we consider buying the essential furniture first and then deciding on the other ones which we need to buy later. This article encompasses the various office furniture types and their functions.

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Office furniture plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable & productive workspace. The interior image is directly proportional to the kinds of furniture you keep inside the office space. Hence, choosing the right office furniture types can enhance the look and feel of any office, while also addressing the practical requirements of employees. Both in online and offline platforms, one can spot various office furniture types, each of which are designed to serve a specific purpose. So, if you are establishing an office space or refurbishing the old one then you need to focus on furniture that are highly essential. In this article we have listed some of the most common office furniture types which also answers to the question – What are the different types of office furniture?

What are the different types of office furniture?


Perhaps the most important furniture for employees is workstation. These days

workstations are designed in such a smart way that they offer storage spaces along with ample spaces on table to keep your computer and other belongings. At Ergoflex you will find smart modular workstations that are stylish and modern. With a varied seating capacity options, these workstations are perfect fit for new age employees. We have a huge collection with a bunch corporate colours to select from. Click here to explore the collection.

Office Chairs

A comfortable chair is the first thing that you need to offer to your employees who spend long hours at their office desks. That’s the reason offices are mostly adapting to Ergonomic chairs over ordinarily designed chairs. Ergonomic chairs are designed to provide support to the back and reduce pain of legs and hips, hence it is an obvious choice. Being a large office chair supplier, we have been manufacturing and supplying office chairs since decades. Our collection ranges from Executive chairs, High back, Medium Back to Mesh Chairs, Visitors chairs and more. Check our collection here.

Conference Table & Meeting Table

One of the essential furniture that you need to have in your office are conference table and meeting tables. From long meetings to short discussions a conference table or a meeting table serves the purpose. Over a period of time, we have been manufacturing smart conference tables and meeting tables that have already earned a reputation in the market of eastern India due to our inclination to modern designs, styles and strength. Click here to check our collection.

Executive Tables

Executive tables are generally meant for top management level viz. Managing Director, CEO, Vice President, other CXO levels and Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Head of the institution for Colleges, Universities, Schools, and other institutions. A top executive table creates a huge impression on status, class and image of the key person in the room. That’s the reason one has to select the Executive Table carefully and keep in mind the position of the person in the company or office. At Ergoflex we have a huge collection of Executive Tables that are modern, classy, and stylish. Our Director’s Tables and Executive Tables flaunt top class features that are required to build these tables. Made from high end international machines and quality raw materials, our Executive Tables demand attention of the visitors. For better experience click here.

Storage Units

The idea of office storage units has transformed in leaps. The modern office furniture does not include the heavy furniture like almirahs or huge cabinets that were mostly used as storage furniture in early days. Nowadays, you will find modern office storage units with unique designs and ample storage space where one can easily store and organize multiple office documents, books, laptops, and other small office items. With us you will find a fantastic collection of storage cabinet, filing cabinets, and side storage units. You will also get colour options in textured walnut, dark walnut, traditional cherry, classic mahogany, maple finish, golden oak, golden cherry and much more. Click here to experience the collection.

Reception Seating: A reception area is the first place that your visitor will experience while entering the office. A reception with comfortable seating, modern furniture and nicely decorated walls always make a better impression. Reception chairs and sofas are the first point of contact for clients and visitors, as this furniture serve as a representation of the company's values and image. Hence it is important to select a furniture set, based on modern type and design. It should be comfortable enough as clients and visitors wait for an extended period of time. But most of all, before purchasing the reception furniture, you also need to have a clear idea of the dimension of the space where you are going to place them. A squarish, rectangular or an oval space makes a lot of difference. And that will impact on the size and types of furniture as well. Also, the furniture must be strong enough as it is subject to heavy use and must withstand the frequent wear & tear. Check our reception furniture.

So far, we have seen almost all the kinds of office furniture that are used and installed in office spaces for various purposes. But the million-dollar question is “What furniture do I need”? Well, that completely depends on the nature of business and the purpose of use. Not every furniture mentioned above will be needed in every office or institution. One needs to clearly define the usage based on the business requirement and then finalize on the purchase decision.

Don’t worry, we are here to assist. Being a leader in the furniture manufacturing business, Ergoflex have decades of experience in the market of eastern India and a huge collection of office furniture. With our European production machines, skilled workers, and furniture experts we have been manufacturing top class modern furniture especially in the segment of office and institution with a huge list of satisfied customers across the eastern India market. Our website displays a vast and vivid collection of furniture that serves the purpose of all kinds of business. In case you still have a question or need a consultation, please call our furniture experts.

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