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Modern Wardrobe - An Overview


Your bedroom is the space which you would like to keep cozy, relaxed and clutter free. Hence, it's extremely important that you choose the right wardrobe while it will reflect your personality and taste for interior design. Most of the time we perceive our bedroom to be less spacious and that's how we start looking for a small wardrobe which we believe will fit in and a lot of space will be saved. While doing that we completely ignore the total length of the wall which actually is quite a bigger than it seems. The best move is to cover your entire wall or the wall towards a corner with a large bedroom wardrobe which in turn will make your bedroom look really big. A large modern wardrobe will cover up the extra unnecessary space and make your bedroom look complete the moment it will be placed from corner to corner. So how do you really buy a large modern wardrobe?


You need to consider few factors before choosing one.

Wall space: Select the space where you would like to set your wardrobe. If it is a flat linear space, then your worries are instantly over because now you have to select the size of the wardrobe. If it is a L-shaped corner space then you need to customize your furniture so that it makes a reasonable impact. 


Wardrobe size: According to your wall space you need to choose the size of your wardrobe. A large modern wardrobe can have 3 doors, 4 doors or even more. It also depends on how much storage space you need. If you need a bigger storage space then obviously you have to consider something that offers large shelves, bigger racks and better hanging space.

Wardrobe design: Minimal and simplistic designs are now what customers are aiming for. Modern wardrobes are making a strong impact among next generation buyers. Customers are selecting large modern wardrobe designs for less maintenance and better impression.


Wardrobe colour: It is not easy to choose colour of a large bedroom wardrobe as it depends on your wall colour and your personal taste. However, to be safe, for a darker wall you can go for warm coloured laminates and vice versa. These days dark and light colour combos are high in demand, you can try that because these colour combos create an attractive appeal.


As a leading wardrobe manufacturer and fitted wardrobe suppliers in eastern India we manufacture wardrobes that are smart in built and modern in design. We have a huge collection of stylish wardrobes that offer various colour options, latest designs with attractive laminates. Moreover, few of our wardrobes feature display shelves, TV racks and attached mirror with sliding doors. 

With our experienced furniture experts, we can design your entire flat or living space by offering top quality furniture of latest designs.
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