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As a customer you may find it real difficult to find factory-certified office furniture installation help, especially when the furniture isn't brand new. But when you manage to find one, you end up paying a premium price for this service which in most of the time may not meet your expectations. 


At Ergoflex, we have the expertise of furniture installation based on the furniture designs, sizes and other important specifications. As a furniture installer we understand all the steps needed to be taken while installing new or moving old furniture in your space; be it large and small offices, complex, educational buildings, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

We don’t simply move a furniture from point A to point B; we provide important feedback and advice as per your requirements such as evaluating a space’s electrical wiring and identifying the best way to provide access to workstations’ electricity needs etc.

And, of course, for office furniture, we install new furniture and reinstall furniture when it has been relocated to a new space. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure that an office move or relocation goes smoothly and is completed on time.


Ergoflex Furniture Insurance & AMC Plan:

A customer buying directly from Ergoflex HQ will be eligible for an AMC plan with care benefits which will increase the longevity and look of the purchased furniture.  


*terms and conditions apply.

**applicable for selected furniture items.

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