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Beds - An Overview


After a long tiring day as you return to your home, the first thing you would want to do is lie down in the comfort of your favourite bed with closed eyes. As you try to relax, your stress will soak into the cushioned bed calming you down gradually. But the situation might not be similar if your bed does not give you the desired comfort. You will keep changing your positions and that eventually might hurt and strain your body. Hence, it is recommended that you research well before making your purchase decision. As an experienced double bed manufacturer, we have collated 5 major points that you need to consider before buying a bed.

Room dimensions

Understand the dimensions of your room and choose a bed accordingly. Please remember that, after fitting the bed in your room there should be extra space for movement and keeping other furniture. A big bed in a small room will look disproportionate and not advisable.

Physical check

Check physically whether it is making you comfortable enough or not, as beds are something you would not like to buy repetitively. Being a leading double, single bed manufacturer, we suggest you do that every time you visit a showroom. Feeling the bed is believing.   

Queen size bed specials

For queen size bed specials, or double beds you will certainly need a good enough storage. As a quality double, single bed manufacturer we understand the consumer's need and that's why most of our queen size bed specials and double beds offer hydraulic storage systems, box storage and pull-out storage systems.

Keeping options

Although it may seem unimportant at the time of purchase, but you must check your mattresses and pillows carefully so that you don't have to change it post purchase. Make sure you have multiple options in your hand depending on your sleeping style.


And certainly, the amount of budget you are ready to expend for your furniture. Also, you should consider the factors of design, style and your taste and preferences while finalizing the budget. 

FAQs on Double Single Bed

What is the difference between a double bed and a single bed?

The basic difference between a double bed and single bed is width of the furniture. Double beds are wide enough to accommodate two people and single persons are meant for one person. Double beds are often required by families and single beds are more in demand amongst bachelors and kids.

How wide is a single bed?

The standard width of a single bed ranges between 900mm to 1100mm. However, there can be an exception based on the size of the room as well. In a few cases, single beds can be customized as well.

Can two people sleep comfortably on a single bed?

No, two people can never sleep on a single bed because single beds do not offer that much of width. It Is not advisable for kids as well because it may cause harm to sleeping postures if two kids are accommodated in one single bed.

What is the standard length of a double bed?

The standard length of a double bed varies from 2000mm to 2100mm while the width can range between 1800mm to 2400mm depending on the size of the bedroom and the space available. It is always recommended to get the exact size of the space before purchasing a double bed.

What is queen size bed?
Queen-size beds are slightly bigger than double beds and marginally smaller than king-size beds. The dimensions of queen size beds vary from 2000mm to 2100mm (length) and 2100mm to 2500mm (width). It is better to measure the bedroom space before making a purchase decision.

Is a double bed bigger than a queen-sized bed?

No, double beds are slightly smaller than queen size beds. If your space permits, then you can accommodate a queen size bed instead of a double bed.

What are the advantages of a double bed over a single bed?

Size and comfort are the two biggest advantages of a double bed over a single bed. And most of all, double beds will be more suitable for your guests in case you are expecting a visit of a family of two adults with a kid. Then you can accommodate three of them in a double bed easily.

What is the ideal room size for a double bed?

The standard room size for accommodating a double bed would be 10ft X 10ft. Anything bigger than that is always better.

How much weight can a single bed support?

A single bed can support the weight of a full-grown adult easily, preferably within a weight of 90kgs - 100 kgs.

Can a single mattress fit on a double bed frame?

That is not possible, single mattresses are meant for single beds only.

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