Beds stay with you for years. We make sure that your bed doesn't start to look outdated as the years roll by. The Catherine Bed comes in a classy, evergreen design that will stay relevant with time. Headrests can take up a lot of extra space. That is why this one comes with a simplistic headboard that adds character with its carved out details without taking up extra space. The deep textured brown color and the finish lend it to multiple decor options. You can now experiment with your living space without a worry.

Catherine Queen Size Bed in Textured Brown

  • Bed Type: Box Bed
    Dimentions:  Bed - 2000mm (L) 1600mm (W) 600mm (H)//Side Unit - 600mm (L) 450mm (W) 200mm (H)
    Floor standing: Yes
    Style: Contemporary & modern
    Material: Pre lam Particle Board
    Country of origin: India