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Ergonomic Office Chairs - An Overview

Ergonomic office chairs are designed with a set of wheels for mobility and has an additional feature of adjustment of arm rests and height. These modern chairs have a single, unique load-bearing leg, which is located right under the chair seat. This leg is spread out in the floor into several smaller feet which are also wheeled for easy movement in the office space. In modern times, these chairs come in attractive designs and colours.


Executive office chairs are meant for the key personnel who require to sit for a longer period of time and function. Executive chairs can be categorized into various segments of office chairs viz. Director’s Chair, High Back Executive chair, Medium Back Executive chair and other ergonomic office chairs. These chairs are well cushioned and offer ergonomic features that are important for seating postures. Most of these executive chairs are high or medium back having leather with upholstery finish with polished legs of wood, metal or chrome.


As an executive office chair manufacturer, we have a huge collection of products which you can choose according to your requirement. We offer corporate colours of black, charcoal and grey alongside vibrant colours like red, blue and yellow.


Mesh office chairs are also designed ergonomically with a better spine like shape in order to provide comfort to your back and seating posture. Mesh office chairs are popular chairs that are widely used in offices and institutions as they are lightweight, affordable, and strong. The mesh office chair has a net like back that allows movement of air as it keeps your back
sweat-free in case of long hours of seating. These chairs have a padded seat suitable for extended working hours.


As a mesh office chair manufacturer, we offer a collection of latest designs and styles including high back and medium back ones perfectly suitable for office set ups and institutions.


If you are looking for latest designs of office chairs then Ergoflex has a wide range of ergonomic, executive and director's chairs to choose from. Being a top office chair manufacturer, we are also engaged in manufacturing sleek visitor chairs that can be easily accommodated in your office and waiting spaces. Our office chairs chairs offer top ergonomic features, comfort, smartness and quality that has the capability to fulfill the needs of every individual. Our ergonomic office chairs meet the standards of durability, functionality and aesthetics and that puts us as the top office chair manufacturer in eastern India. Connect with us to experience some of the finest office chair and furniture.

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