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Conference Tables


Conference Table for Office - An Overview


Every office needs to have a conference table for regular meetings, reviews and other official gatherings. Official discussions will be more productive if you have a proper conference table for office spaces where people can interact, brainstorm, share knowledge and come up with scopes for innovation. Moreover, modern conference room furniture will also enhance your corporate image. Being a leading furniture manufacturer in eastern India, we have a tremendous capacity of producing modern conference room furniture that can transform a meeting space into a modern conference room. Our collection boasts a variety of choices that consists of 16 seater, 14 seater, 12 seater, 10 seater and 8 seater conference table for office space. We have a wide range of designs that are octagonal, rectangular, U shaped, oval, squarish and much more to choose from.


Seating arrangements: The seating arrangement depends completely on the space available with your office. It is wise to have a separate room to accommodate your large modern conference table. It is also important that you are left with enough space for free movement after placing your conference table. Based on the number of departments and volume of office staffs you must choose the number of seating.

Material: In recent times the demand of modern and stylish furniture has increased exponentially. Corporate and office set ups are preferring furniture that are lightweight. Hence solid wood furniture has gone cliche these days, rather conference table for offices are manufactured with a combination of wood and metal in order to produce a smart appearance.

Design: This is one of the important factors for purchasing a large modern conference table. Ergoflex produces uniquely designed and smartly manufactured modern conference room furniture with a variety of sizes. We generate popular designs that give better finishes.

Colour: Choose your furniture with the colour of the office wall. Office walls are usually light in themes which accommodates dark colored furniture. With us, you can choose from a wide variety of colour combinations that include dark walnut, oak, metallic brown, apple, glossy kempas, creamy maple, ivory and whole bunch of attractive colours that will make your conference space vibrant and energetic.


Budget: If you are looking for a conference table at affordable price then you have just arrived at the right website. Check our huge collection of modern conference table for office that are well within your budget.

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