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6 TOP Tips: How to Select Living Room Furniture

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

The living room is the first space that your visitors will see once they enter your home / flat. In order to create an impression, hand pick your furniture from a collection that best suits to your space and your taste.

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If you wish to refurbish your room or purchase new flat, then the question that will appear on top your mind is how to select living room furniture. And the answer is not that simple as it depends on quite a lot of factors which facilitate to select the right sort of furniture for your living room. Being a leading furniture manufacturing company in eastern India and with decades of experience we can guide you on the topic. Our furniture experts have shared 5 top tips on how to select living room furniture.

Define your living room dimension

A living room can be of various sizes. Depending on the dimension you need to define the right furniture set up and their sizes too. In simple words big sized furniture is not desired for a small living room. Hence proportion is the key. As a matter of fact, you need to identify the shape of your living room as well. An L shaped size, square shaped or rectangular shaped living room may not contain the similar kind of furniture. So, types of furniture will depend on the available space. Here we will discuss on the furniture that you must need to complete your living room look.

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1. Select your sofa seating

The first thing that you need to focus on is seating as this is important for your family members and the guests that you are inviting to your home. For sofa, the most essential factor is comfort without which the furniture will not be worth purchasing. Next, place your sofa in such a way that your living room looks big. Try and maintain a gap between your sofa and wall. Select a modern design as old heavy weighted sofas make your living room look small. Most of all select a warm coloured fabric, it stimulates comfort and ease. Complete your sofa seating with a nice center table. Depending on your preference, select a wooden or a glass top center table for your living room. Click here for WHAT TO LOOK FOR BEFORE BUYING A SOFA

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2. Choosing the right center table

A nice center table will complete your sofa set. So depending on your preference, select a wooden or a glass top center table for your living room. We have a collection of modern center tables with contemporary designs that will make your sofa set compact and stylish.

stylish dyning table - Ergoflex

3. Is side unit important for my living room

Yes, it is very important. Once you have put your sofa, now make some space for a small side unit for living room in order to complete the furniture set up. Choose a side unit that is functional and not just a show piece. The side unit must have cabinets and drawers where you can store your daily essentials and keep the tops of center table and dinner table clean. Select a laminate that complements your sofa set. With all the above steps you can select the correct side unit that will highlight the corner space of your living room.

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4. How to choose the right dining table

Firstly, it depends on the number of members you have in your family, based on that you need to choose the number of chairs. Also, you must be careful about the space available. If it is a smaller living room, then it is recommended to avoid large dining table, because with chairs it will occupy more space. Instead of placing it in the middle you can also place the table in a corner in order to avoid wastage of space in your living room.

However, it is best suited for a rectangular shaped dining table. It will not be wise to move an oval shaped table to a corner. And finally choose the cushion fabric of your chairs in a way that it complements your sofa fabric. Presence of similar colours will make your living space nice.

5. Select the wall for smart TV racks

Select the living room wall where you wish to create your TV rack because buying an expensive television does not complete the job. You have to place it against a beautiful TV unit to complete the appearance. A nice wooden background with smart shelves will surely catch your visitor’s attention. We have a wide range of collection from which you can choose and buy TV racks at best prices.

almirah with display cabinet - Ergoflex

6. Place your display cabinet

If you still have space after putting all the above furniture, then you should go for a display cabinet. Modern display cabinets can transform your living room into a stylish living space. The demand for display cabinets have changed with time as new age customers are looking for latest designs and smart outlook. We have a unique yet selected collection of display cabinets that are smart, modern and functional. Besides, our display cabinets offer storage spaces where you can put glass items and show pieces for a better appearance.

We believe all the above tips will assist you to answer how to select living room furniture. All you need to do is step by step with your furniture selection. In case you need any assistance, our furniture experts are always there to help you. Being a leading furniture company, Ergoflex has both the experience and expertise to guide you through our modern collection of furniture. Check our latest home and living collection here. #livingroomfurnitureideas #livingroomfurnituredesigns

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Krifour Industries
Krifour Industries
Jan 31

Thanks for the blog loaded with so much information. It's really informative.

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Ankit Shankhdhar
Nov 15, 2023

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