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Auditorium Chairs


Auditorium Chairs - An Overview


As an auditorium owner the most significant elements you offer to your customers are comfort and experience. Once customers enter in an auditorium, the first thing they look for is their allotted seats that will keep them comfortable for the next few hours they are going to spend in the auditorium. Once that is identified the next step will be to sit and relax. Hence an auditorium chair needs to deliver the desired comfort with expected features such as slide in and out, cup holder and top quality cushioned seating.


As a leading auditorium chairs manufacturer, Ergoflex brings you a variety of auditorium chairs perfectly suitable for theatres, cinema halls, conference halls, concert halls, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, lecture halls, stadiums and much more. We manufacture premium quality chairs only in our one-of-a-kind manufacturing unit that produces well-cushioned, comfortable and durable auditorium chairs. The chairs are ergonomically designed so that the people seating on them feel relaxed and comfortable. Our auditorium chairs are powder coated making it durable and strong.

Few of our auditorium chairs also have the option of cup holders that are suitable for any coffee cup, cold drink cups or teacups. Being an auditorium chair manufacturer, we give special attention to the final outlook of the product. That’s the reason our chairs come in variety of colours. If you wish to make a suitable colour based on your brand or identity, then we can deliver the same based on the fabrics available.



Ergoflex has created a strong reputed reputation in the market as one of the established auditorium chairs suppliers. Over the years we have created a brand name as we have supplied to various reputed auditoriums in eastern India. Our auditorium chairs are directly manufactured from our state-of-art factory set up all equipped with high end production machines of international standard. That is why our furniture products are strong, durable and are available at affordable cost with superior raw materials transformed to best end products.

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