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TV Units


TV Racks - An Overview


Modern TV units are now in great demand as flat screen smart TVs have changed the outlook of home decors in the present era. However, one needs to accompany these new age televisions with smart furniture like modern TV units and smart TV racks which will enhance the beauty of the living room / bedroom walls. Being a leading TV unit manufacturer in Kolkata, we have come up with a huge collection of smart TV racks that offer modern designs with smart colour combo. Our variety in designs will enhance the look of your walls as the cabinets and shelves are arranged in a beautiful manner. We have a collection that will suit to every wall whether it is a small sized or a large one. Moreover, we have a design of interesting shapes that feature smart racks which you can decorate with showpieces and also store books with other items. Our varied colour combinations offer exciting combos of Vanilla and Wenge, Parmesan & Ivory, Honey Oats and much more. You have to pick the right set up with perfect colour themes that will compliment your smart television and the interiors of your room. Connect with us to buy TV units at best prices.


The primary purpose of TV Units is storing the TV essentials like the remote, set top box, DVD player, home theatre systems etc. You can also add beautiful showpieces, vase, photo frames according to your tastes and preferences. Remember, your TV units will also serve as storage to small items. At Ergoflex you will find a wide range of TV Racks that are stylish and functional.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What materials are commonly used to make TV racks?

There is a variety of materials used for manufacturing TV racks. Most commonly used materials are plywoods and pre-lam particle boards. Also, there can be a combination of pre-lam particle boards and solid woods which are used for furniture making.


However, it is always better to purchase furniture in bulks for your apartment or business from a furniture manufacturing company. You will get a lot of variety, collection and will also be budget friendly.


2. How do I choose the right size TV rack furniture for my TV?

The size of the TV rack furniture will depend on the following factors.

a. Size of the wall where you would be placing your TV

If you have a big wall for your living room or bedroom and you want to place the TV right at the centre of the wall, then you need a long horizontal rack to cover the wall. Because a small rack at the middle of the wall will leave lot of space on both the sides. But if you have a small wall then it is wise to select a minimalistic design.


b. Size of the TV

This is one significant factor as well, as the TV rack furniture needs to be proportionate with the dimension of the television. So, measure the size of the TV and then order your TV rack.

c. Design of the furniture to be used
These days you will find lots of modern and smart TV rack furniture online. Please do not hurry in choosing a design or a company as most of the time this furniture requires installations. Either the company will install your TV rack or it will be packed in a way where you can install it yourself. Trust a big and experienced furniture manufacturing company for selecting your furniture.


3. Are TV rack designs customizable?

Not always. Most of the TV rack designs are ready made or are ready with designs, because they are manufactured in bulk. In case with Ergoflex, the size of the furniture can be customized only.

4. Do TV unit furniture come with built-in cable management systems?

Not every TV unit furniture comes with this feature. For built-in cable management systems, you have to mention in advance before making a purchase order. Built-in cable management systems are special additions that are needed to integrate separately.


5. What types of TV racks are available in the market?

Mostly designer TV racks are available now in online platforms. With Ergoflex, you will find the latest designs and smart styles that are easy fit for any homes or spaces. Our designs are created in a way that they offer lot of smart shelves and racks. You will also find better colours with our TV racks.


6. How do I clean and maintain my TV rack furniture?

Most of the TV racks furniture are laminated which can be easily cleaned with soft cotton fabrics. There will always be a guideline offered by the manufacturer, so it is better to consult with the TV rack manufacturer for more insights.

7. Can a TV unit furniture support any size of TV?
Usually it doesn’t work that way, because it completely depends on the size of the TV and the furniture. The TV unit furniture that has an open design which means that there is no enclosure that surrounds the television, can be an option. But again, it is better to measure the size of the TV and choose a TV rack that fits into it comfortably and easily.

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