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Center Table


Modern and Stylish Center Table Collection


The center table completes the circle as you put your sofas / sofa sets, stylish chairs and display cabinets in the living room. It is a small sized piece, but it adds greater value to the look of your home décor as you try to organize your living room with modern furniture. With the advent of new designs and styles the look of center tables has changed immensely. Hence it is very important that you choose your center table in a way that it compliments your living room furniture.


If you are planning to buy center table at best prices, then you have just arrived at the right website. At Ergoflex, our state-of-the-art factory produces modern and stylish center tables that have all the capacity to transform your living room into a modern one. Our center tables are one of a kind as they are unique in design and maintains the standard of a smart living room. Moreover, we offer affordable prices which makes us distinct in the market. So, once you plan to buy smart center tables at best prices, then we are here to support you.


a. Shapes: Quite certainly it depends on the shape of your living room and other furniture. You can always break a monotony by adding a circular modern center table in the midst of a rectangular sofa set. Depending on the shape of your living room you can also choose oval, rectangular, square or any other shapes.

b. Storage features: Few modern center tables might have lower shelves or side shelves; in case you wish to keep anything like magazines or newspapers there. No doubt, magazine shelves offer an edge to your center table.

c. Material used: Most of the stylish center tables are made of wood and glass, but choice will depend on your furniture style. In few cases you might also find wooden tops with metal legs which again adds to your style.

d. Budget: This is something that you need to fix in advance. Generally, for center tables it is not a big matter of concern but it's always wise to plan beforehand. However, the team of Ergoflex is always there for support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Center Table

  1. How is a center table different from a coffee table?

       There are few radical differences between a center table and coffee table. A center table is usually placed at a certain point in a living                 room balancing a vacant space. While coffee table is placed in the middle of a seating area. The center tables are larger in size than the             coffee tables.

   2. What are the standard dimensions of a center table?

       The standard dimensions of a center table are 4.5 ft X 2 ft. However, it also depends on the space you have in your living room.

   3. What materials are center tables made of?
       Center tables are made of solid wood, plywood, MDF or particle board. Unlike solid wood, rest of the materials are light weight.


   4. What are the different types of center tables?
       Center tables differ in shapes and sizes. They may be rectangular, round, square and oval in shapes.


   5. What are the advantages of having a center table in a living room?
       Center table maintains a balance in a living room. It can enhance the look, and function as a platform for books and other stuffs.


   6. How to choose the right center table for my living room?
       The right center table can only be chosen depending on the dimension of the space available.
       You also need to select the style that matches with other furniture of your living room.


    7. Can I use a center table as a dining table?
        Usually center tables are not as big as dining tables. The height of the center tables is also shorter. Therefore, it is not advised to use a                center table as a dining table.


    8. What is the ideal distance between a center table and a sofa?

        You can leave 16 inches between a center table and a sofa for leg space. Anything less than that can make the users uncomfortable.

    9. What are some good styling ideas for a center table?
         Click here and you will get a stylish collection of center tables.


   10. Can a center table be used outdoors?
         Yes, a center table can be used outdoors. You have to place it in a way that it earns attention of your visitors.

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