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 Buy relaxing chair online at best prices


Without a comfortable stylish living room chair in your home, your furniture is never complete. This furniture can be used for multiple purposes as you can place it in your living room, bedroom, balcony or garden. While sitting on a cushioned chair and sipping on a cup of coffee or reading your favourite magazine, will make you happy and comfortable for sure. If you need to choose and buy relaxing chair online at best prices, then we are here to offer you a smart collection of living room chairs. As one of the leading modern living room chair manufacturers we offer value-based furniture products, and our comfortable stylish living room chairs can be purchased right here from our website.


Being one of the modern living room chair manufacturers, we produce chairs keeping in mind the sitting comfort of the end users. That's the reason we are offering options of both armchairs and chairs without arms. At Ergoflex, we have a wide assortment of contemporary and ergonomic chairs designed in a way that perfectly suits to the modern trends and styles.


Size: The size of your room matters at the first place. A chair which is larger or smaller in size proportionate to your room will look a lot out of the way no matter how gorgeous your chair is. So, it is better to choose a chair that best fits in your room.


Colour: The colour is equally important in this case. If you can't decide on the colour or texture, we suggest you consult with our interior experts as they will recommend the right combination for your room depending on the wall colour and furniture you have. In general cases, we recommend opting for the light dark combination; dark wall colour - light chair colour and vice versa.

Design: The style and design of furniture products are rapidly changing these days. According to your room set up and furnishings, choose a chair that is not out of style and compliments your taste simultaneously. With us you will always find a collection of comfortable stylish living room chairs.

Budget: Perhaps the most important factor as you decide on furniture. You can check with us to get an idea to fix on a budget before you plan for a purchase.

FAQs on Living Room Chairs

What are the different types of living room chairs?

There can be a variety of living room chairs based on design and functions. A few common chairs that are widely available online and in retail stores are high back chairs, mid back chairs, armchairs, designer chairs, recliners, rocking chairs, wingback chairs, chase lounges, club chairs, and much more. At Ergoflex we have a fantastic collection of modern living rooms available online.

What are the most comfortable chair designs?


The most comfortable chair design depends on the users and their preferences. On one hand, a rocking chair will be used for relaxing, while an armchair with cushions can be used for leisure study. It is the user who will best understand what kind of chair will be suitable for him/her.

What makes a well-designed chair?
A well-designed chair does not necessarily mean modern design only. Functionality matters as well. For example, an ergonomically designed chair can provide the exact comfort you are looking for by reducing your back pain. Moreover, well-designed furniture will enhance the space where it is placed.

How do I choose the right chair for my space?
Choosing the right chair is often a difficult task to perform especially when you are introducing new furniture or redesigning your apartment. Following are a few factors that are better to consider before purchasing a living room chair.

  • The right combination of colours

  • Identifying the perfect spot

  • Introducing a design compatible with your existing furniture             

What type of chair is best for spine?

Undoubtedly, ergonomic chairs are best for seating postures. An ergonomic chair will offer maximum comfort, reduce back and hip pains, provide proper support to the spine, and be suitable for long hours of usage. Read 10 benefits of ergonomic chairs.


What are the standard dimensions of a living room chair?

It is difficult to define a standard dimension of a living room chair as these chairs are manufactured in various sizes, shapes, and designs. It completely depends on the dimension of the space and the preferences of the user. From the high back, and mid back to armchairs and relaxing chairs, the range is wide to choose from.


How do you know if a chair is good quality?
It is recommended to check the quality of the wood and the manufacturing brand before making a purchase decision. An established brand will never compromise on quality especially a company that has a manufacturing unit producing top furniture over the years.

What materials are living room chairs made of?

Living room chairs are manufactured from solid wood, plywood, and metal. The legs are made of solid wood and metal while the seating structure is manufactured with plywood.

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