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Design Philosophy

We follow the Glocal philosophy i.e. - design locally for the global appeal. The form of our every furniture is visually appealing with functionality at its core. since our inception we have focused on our own factory make to provide customized solutions to the consumers.


By following the made local philosophy, we make sustainability a reality not just a goal waiting to be fulfilled. At Ergoflex, we have tried to cater to the individuals' taste and preference ; we hope our designs are a reflection of modern, smart and comfortable living choices.

Our designs aim to be the reflection of your dreams and aspirations. That's the reason our designs are simple, clutter free, easy to clean and functional.


In order to have a sensory experience of our products, the customers are welcome to visit our showrooms. You can feel the quality and strength of our products not just visually but also in a tangible manner. We are made in India for Indian roots.

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