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Meeting Tables


Meeting Table - An Overview


Besides conference tables there will always be a need for meeting table for office as well. No matter how big your office space is, you will need a meeting table for smaller gatherings and shorter discussions. These sorts of meetings require lesser number of people mostly 2 to 4 persons and that’s where the function of meeting table for office become more significant. It can be placed in corner spaces of your office or institution.

Meeting tables are quite useful in cases of short presentations, sales calls and quick meetings. Depending on the dimension of your space you need to select the suitable size and shape of your meeting table. Moreover, a smaller meeting table will enhance the beauty of the space it is placed. 


Purchasing a meeting table online is easy once you consider few important points.

1. Select your office corner: The first thing to do before purchasing a meeting table. Select the place where you wish to place the meeting table.

2. Number of chairs: Define the purpose for what you are buying the meeting table. Based on that you need to fix the maximum number of people you will accommodate in the space and accordingly select the number of chairs.

3. The design: These days you will find meeting tables at various modern designs and shapes. However, any design may not fit into your space, hence figure out the shape of the space where you are going to fit the table.

4. Choose the material: If you wish that your meeting table should be lightweight and can be easily shifted from one place to another then it is better to choose plywood, MDF or particle board. Solid wood tables would be heavy and cannot be easily moved.

5. Connect for consultation: Many people don’t want to take chances for their office furniture. Hence it is better to take expert opinions from furniture industry and people who have experience in manufacturing office furniture. Needless to mention that local make stuffs for office can go wrong.



As a meeting table furniture manufacturer, we have decades of experience in producing smart furniture at affordable prices. We have earned a strong reputation in the eastern India market as an established meeting table manufacturer. We have been a regular supplier of meeting tables to various offices and institutions of Kolkata along with the eastern India market. At Ergoflex you will find smart and trendy meeting tables with supreme finish. You will also find a unique collection of meeting tables made from the combination of wood and metal.  Our meeting tables are built in a way that they can easily get fit in an office area. Explore our products from the above collection and experience the difference.

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