Company Profile

In Ergoflex, the end products are built through extensive research and development. We take pride in building products that are highest in quality, widest in range, fanciest in style combined with latest design and comfort.

Ergonomic Product Design

We deliver the right product mix with ergonomic features keeping in mind the suitability and comfort of the end users.

Durability & Safety
Constant innovation with technological support has enabled us to provide solutions that enhances quality and durability of our products made from top class bio-safe materials.

Comfort Is Priority
Over the last few decades, Ergoflex has developed its product design for reputed Corporate with new concepts and ideas in order to reduce fatigue and discomfort and enhance wellbeing.

Customer Support

Our quality furniture comes at affordable prices with prompt customer support and right solutions.

Our company is driven and differentiated by transformational thinking, viewing every product development in terms of function, practicality, effectiveness, ergonomics, comfort and value.