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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This article presents three remarkable ideas for making your room space look large.

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Decorating a room is not an easy task especially when your room is large. But a smaller room can easily be decorated, kept organized, and cleaned quickly. The problem is - it will still be a smaller room but with some innovative ideas, you can make your room appear bigger. Following are three easy steps discussed in detail.

Keep a small gap between furniture and walls:

Normally it depends on the size of the room that determines the length till you can push your furniture towards the walls. If you have a smaller room you can still put some inches gap between your furniture and walls in order to give some amount of breathing space. This concept defies popular belief and can actually make your rooms appear bigger. But if you have a larger room then you can comfortably arrange your furniture at your will.

Balancing is important:

Arranging furniture requires a lot of detailing as it defines the final look of your living space. Do not consider grouping your furniture on one side, that means placing bigger furniture on one side and smaller furniture on the other would not be a good idea as it might unsettle your space a bit. Instead, you can try for a variety which is mixing your furniture in a way that you will find a lot of excess spaces which will induce the creation of conversation areas in the middle of your room.

Plain upholstery is better :

Furniture with solid-colored upholstery instead of bold palettes, stripes, or prints always gives an impression of a bigger space. Usage of texture combined with neutral tones is highly recommendable in this case. Soft coloured fabrics for sofas and beds will also make your space look a bit larger. If you want something other than plain colors, find soft floral vines to keep the look simple.

When it comes to arranging furniture and accessories, it is better to plan ahead, especially when you intend to purchase new furniture pieces. At Ergoflex, you will get access to our furniture experts who will guide you through decorating your room from scratch or renovating the same. It's a surefire way to know which things will comfortably fit in your space. Connect with us today.

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