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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This article widely discusses various methods of applying kitchen cabinet laminates.

laminated kitchen - Ergoflex

This is the most important factor to select after you have finalized your modular kitchen design. It is often a point of concern as consumers get confused with a huge list of designs in order to make their kitchen look perfect. Laminate designs come in various forms, colours, and shades. For a safe play, the combination of light and dark is always wise to choose because that will make your kitchen look smart, irrespective of the designs you select from catalogue. After it’s done the next point is whether to go for a vertical or horizontal design.

Vertical designs

If your kitchen ceiling height is low, then a vertical laminate design will work best for you because it will create an illusion of a bigger height. This is usually applied to the upper kitchen cabinets, especially those which are in contact with the ceilings directly. With a light-dark combo, the upper and lower kitchen cabinets will look fabulous.

Horizontal designs

Horizontal laminate designs create the impression of a bigger space inside your kitchen area. Especially if your kitchen design is U-shaped or L-shaped, then it can work wonders for you. You can apply that to your lower kitchen cabinets or try both for upper and lower ones.

A beautiful Scandinavian display unit featuring elegance and functionality.

A combination of both

If you still cannot decide then obviously you can try a combination of both. You will get a luxurious feel while featuring horizontal and vertical laminate patterns in contrasting color combinations. With vertical-horizontal laminate art, your kitchen will draw many admirers for sure.

A Scandinavian Sofa Side Unit with smart finish and sleek shelves.

With changing times, people are no more afraid of experimenting and that’s how they give birth to a lot of innovative ideas that were never tried before. The concept of kitchen spaces has changed, and additional thrust is being given to interesting modular designs. Hence, kitchen laminates are playing significant roles in building a new and different look. At Ergoflex, we have built smart modular kitchens that are earning huge demands. For a consultation with our modular kitchen experts, connect with us.

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