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Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This article provides insights on how office furniture trends are changing and what's coming as future furniture.

office workstation furniture

No doubt the pandemic has brought a lot of changes in human behaviour and the way things are perceived in comparison to two years back. While the culture of social life has taken a turn, the culture in office too is slowly getting the knack of it. Most organizations are putting efforts to get their employees back to office setups while keeping an eye on their comfort as well. The concept of hybrid working is on trend now and experts say that it will continue for a long. It means people will work from home and in the office both, more sort of two / three days in the week in the office and the rest of the days at home. In order to maintain parity with both environments, many reputed companies have already started to make arrangements in their offices, and few have implemented them already.

The upcoming office furniture trends

Home-like comfort

upcoming office furniture - Ergoflex

For the past couple of years, people are already habituated to their new style of working and are more willing to continue in the same way as “assigned jobs are getting done”. Few companies are encouraging the practice and asking them to visit the office only when there is a need to collaborate with others Hence companies are bringing home-like designs to the office by placing soft seating viz. comfortable sofas and chairs around the office to make a spacious working floor.

comfortable office chair in white - Ergoflex


According to a survey, more than 70% of employees are preferring the work from home situation now. Ergonomic furniture is already in demand as people are spending long hours in front of their computers whether in the office or at home. Furniture with ergonomic features play a key role here as they keep the seating postures right thereby preventing back and neck pains which are very common among the Gen Y staff. People are also looking for ergonomic solutions for their home setups and purchase rates of the same are reasonably high.

Color Palette

office chair in yellow for employees

Light colours are the trends of 2022 and can also be referred to as the comeback colours. A combination of light and bright colours often makes the space cheerful and lively especially when the employees are coming back from a long detachment. Companies are finding ways to put their logo colours in various furnishings like pillows, cushions and furniture. Moreover, people would always love to work in a colourful environment as it makes a positive impact on productivity.

Get our offers

At Ergoflex, we can show you how to build spaces with the right elements and minimal design. Even your small office corners which stay mostly unused can boast bright colours and light furniture. As a leading manufacturing unit and with a robust stock of products we can ideate to bring up a beautiful yet colourful workspace for your employees and guests. Please connect with our team of furniture experts to find the right solutions for your office.

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