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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

This article focuses on various types of wooden boards used to manufacture furniture.

furniture board manufacturing process - Ergoflex

While you speak to your interior designers or local carpenters in order to make or create furniture, you must be hearing a lot of board names which might make you confused. That’s absolutely normal but at the same time, you should also keep track of the materials that are used for your favourite furniture. Different types of boards wood are used depending on their thickness, size, and advantages such as Particle boards, MDF boards, HDF boards, Blockboards, Plywood, etc. You should know the best wooden board for furniture. This article will guide you through these boards with a lot of details enabling you to take a better purchase decision.

Particle board:

It is a type of clipboard made from a combination of sawdust, wood chips, and shavings mixed together with resins. These boards are very lightweight and mostly used for interiors like false ceilings, flooring, kitchen cabinets, storage units, wardrobes, dressing units, etc.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard):

This is an engineered wood similar to particle board but much denser and stronger than it. MDF is made of wood fibers combining wax and resin binder by applying high temperature and pressure. Mainly used for cabinets, flooring and other furniture MDF is more inexpensive than Plywood.

HDF (High-Density Fibreboard):

HDF boards are manufactured from compressed wood fibers and are stronger and harder than MDF boards. These are mostly used for flooring products, door skins, and underlayment.


Another category of the compound wood board is made of uniform strips of wood placed in adjacent columns. It is a uniformly stable and strong board, lightweight, water resistant, and economical.


This is also an engineered wood made from MDF and Particle boards used for a wide range of structural, interior, and exterior furniture. It has good strength, and durability is less vulnerable to water damage, and remains stable under temperature and moisture change. Moreover, plywood is more economical than solid wood.

It is always better to get an idea about the wooden materials that are required to manufacture furniture. Now, as you choose to manufacture your own custom-made furniture, you will have the freedom to select the types of boards for furniture

in consultation with the interior designer or manufacturer.

At Ergoflex, all our furniture is either exclusively made with these materials or a combination of the best-suited boards, since individual products require certain types of boards to make it strong, durable, and classy. With the finest of boards, we make your furniture look contemporary and stylish. For your queries, please connect with our furniture experts.

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