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Edge Banding Process - Ergoflex

Time has changed and so has the definition of furniture production. Quality time is dedicated to extensive research work to enhance customers’ convenience and experience. It is important for furniture manufacturers to constantly invent and produce furniture of the highest quality and durability. That’s the reason edge bands are used in order to protect furniture from moisture.

What is Edge Banding

The process of covering the raw edges of wood panels with a thin strip of wood, PVC, or resinous material is called edge banding. The narrow strips themselves are known as edge bands. Commercially, edge banding is done using industry-grade heat applicators and a hot-melt adhesive. For modular furniture, the material used is mostly PVC which is easy to fix and has a long life.

Why is Edge Banding required?

It is known to us that wooden boards have a raw edge when cut. This raw edge, if left uncovered, can pose serious threats to the furniture as wood has a natural tendency to absorb water. This tendency cannot be removed completely however it can only be reduced. Edge banding protects the wooden panels in your furniture from moisture, thus reducing the effects of atmospheric humidity and liquid spills. This means, the strength and durability of the wood increase. So, next time you spill coffee on your table, and it drips down the edge, thank the edge banding for protecting the wood.

How is Edge Banding applied?

Essentially, an edge band is a thin strip of impermeable PVC that is cut to fit the size of a wooden panel. It is then applied to the raw edge using a strong adhesive. A heat roller is then used to melt the adhesive and glue the edge band over the wood. The ends are trimmed flush and bent so that they cover the wood and do not have any sharp ends.

At Ergoflex, we strive hard to provide consistent solutions to our customers through innovative product design and concepts. Not only edge banding but our advanced technology and research drive us to produce quality furniture and gain customers’ confidence over the years. To know more, please connect with us.

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