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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This article widely discusses on best methods of selecting a sofa both online & offline.

comfortable sofa set - Ergoflex

We often look at the images of sofas on online platforms and imagine that this piece would be the perfect furniture for our living room. But this cannot be the right example of how to purchase a sofa. It’s true that the look of the sofa does matter but then the piece that you are looking for online might not be the right one for your living space. And in that case, you really need to ask a few questions yourself so that you do not end up buying something that will not fit.

Top 5 questions to ask while you decide upon a sofa

1. What is your style and orientation? The foremost point that you need to clarify is the existing styling of your furniture. Is it traditional or contemporary? Because you need to choose the sofa accordingly. You should not end up choosing something that will not gel well with other furniture. Moreover, you also need to see whether you want your sofa against the wall or at the center of the room. Sectional sofas and loungers give different impressions. You need to check that with your living space.

2. Will the sofa be comfortable enough?

The materials applied both inside and outside are really important in this case. The feather-filled cushions will be highly comfortable but they will need regular maintenance. However, foam or fibre fillings may lose their shape over time. Therefore, a combination of feathers and foam would be better as feathers will give comfort while foam will help to maintain proper shape.

comfortable sofa for home - Ergoflex

3. Are sofas the best fit for your space and get-togethers?

Check the size of your sofa. It shouldn’t be big or small compared to your space. Measurement is the key and you should do a size check of your space before you purchase your sofa. Moreover, it should have sufficient space to accommodate your guests during your get-togethers. Also, the depth of the sofa will provide additional comfort, please check on that too.

4. Does it compliment your home decor, wall colour and other furniture?

Choose the fabric colour of your sofa wisely. It must compliment your wall colour and go well with other furniture like side units, coffee tables etc. You need to understand if a leather-covered sofa signifies your taste and elevates the look and feel of your room. Also, a neutral-coloured fabric can be a safe choice in order to avoid a wrong combination.

two seater sofa set - Ergoflex

5. Does it fit your budget? Finally, you need to decide upon something that gives some comfort to your pocket as well. But then a sofa is also not something which you will buy every day. So keep a budget in such a way that you don’t need to repair it for at least 5-7 years. And if you think, with some additional effort you can bring in a better item, then go for it. Choosing furniture over a variety of options is not easy because every other furniture company will have a wide range of collections to display. But you need to do your homework well and look for the one which will best suit your space. Please remember, a fancy sofa might look well but a functional one combined with class is worth buying. #howtobuysofa #sofacumbed #sectionalsofa #bestsofainkolkata #onlinesofa #recliningsofa #modernsofa #sofastore #sofaset #

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