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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Read this article to know why bio paint is necessary for furniture production.

furniture manufactured with bio-paint

Globalization has resulted in industries to grow rapidly throughout the globe, creating a lasting impact and posing a huge health hazard throughout.

With a lot of time and effort put into R&D, companies have started coming up with innovative ideas to curb the degradation of the environment in all possible manners.

In order to have a significant and distinctive factor, where oil derivatives are dominant, paint companies have introduced a new formulation of water-based coatings for wood that has a socially responsible production cycle, called Bio Paint. Few reputed furniture companies have set a standard by using these environment-friendly paints in order to keep consumers safe.

What is Bio Paint

Bio Paints are made with recycled raw materials and through a production cycle which has a lower environmental impact.

Bio Paints are environmentally sound and responsible, using non-toxic ingredients that are acquired without over-exploitation of nature and are biodegradable. The aim of Bio Paint usage is to provide a healthy alternative to conventional paints and minimize the damage to our natural environment.

Why use Bio Paint

Bio Paints not only help to reduce the greenhouse effect caused by CO₂ emissions but are also in line with the latest green policies adopted worldwide. Due to exceptionally low environmental impact, they qualify for LEED credits. Being a friendly alternative to former oil-based paint, they are not only less hazardous to the end-user but are also high in performance and sustainability.

Bio Paints set new standards of performance and quality both for the paint and furniture industry since they offer high hardness, chemical resistance, and light resistance. Moreover, they are industry processable, have faster drying time, and have greater non-yellowing properties.

Ergoflex has always believed in providing additional value to consumers. That is the reason the production processes go through stringent measures in order to prioritize health and safety. Over the years, with advanced technology and state-of-the-art European machines, we have the capability to build furniture that ensures optimum quality. To know more, please connect with us.

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