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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

This article talks extensively about the change of thought process on building furniture post-COVID-19 situation.

workstation furniture - Ergoflex

The pandemic times have largely made an impact on the manufacturers and consumers of the furniture industry. The thought processes have changed with concerns about safety, social distance, health, and hygiene. As the offices and businesses are resuming back to their original flow, the management in most cases are redefining personal spaces in order to keep their employees out of risk. The following factors are getting significant with every passing day.

Choice Of Material

Leather and upholstery materials tend to collect germs and bacteria in the corners of furniture, while wooden materials have natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that eliminate the threat of contamination. Also, it is easy to sanitize these materials as wooden surfaces dry up quickly.

Modular Designs

Furniture with modular designs would be very effective, especially for public places as it provides a lot of flexibility and freedom to the consumers to meet the social distancing norms. Mostly the reception areas of office spaces can accommodate this modular furniture, as these furniture have the ability to utilize free spaces.

Clutter Free Work Space

Workstations, cubicles, and office desks are being modified with add-on dividers, sliders, and walls that can quickly configure a personal space and put employees at ease. The use of materials in post-COVID workstations like laminate, acrylic, and glass has increased for quick cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.

At Ergoflex, we go through immense research and development in order to provide special attention to consumer health and safety, we also keep in mind the contemporary and modular designs that are trendy and new. Moreover, our bio safe paints are providing additional value to consumers over the years (check the article on Bio Paints). Please visit our home & living and office sections for a better experience.

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