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Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Wondering how to make your rooms ready for festival? Well we are here with solutions !

wall display cabinet

With the advent of Autumn, we can smell the fragrance of festivals all around already. Starting from Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Kali Puja till Deepavali / Diwali, the entire India will be immersed into these extravagant events scheduled back-to-back.

As Indians, we are always on a move to spice up our rooms during this time. But we often get confused with where to start. Following is a brief list of to-do-things that will help you to gear up for festivals.

How to make your rooms festival ready?

Bring home festival furniture

You can redecorate your living room by adding new furniture to your collection. Bring in a nice sofa or a center table or a side unit if they are too old. You can also add a sleek bookcase or cabinet to an empty wall and offer a festive feel to your space. You can try shuffling the furniture and make room for festival get-together. For example, shifting a side cabinet to the wall or moving your center table beside sofa can make a lot of space.

display cabinet for Diwali

Replace your furniture laminates before Diwali

Changing laminates is not a very difficult job as it offers instant new look to your space. For example, if you have an old wardrobe built with plywood and boards then you can opt for a better laminate design that suits to your festival and blends throughout the year at the same time. Same goes for cabinet or a storage unit. The biggest advantage is that you can go through a complete makeover of your room at a minimal effort.

Try a floor makeover this festival

comfortable bed for diwali festival - Ergoflex

Floor is perhaps the most unnoticed part of a room space, but it adds lot of sparks to your décor. For a quick makeover you can go with wooden flooring by choosing a matching laminate that easily mixes with your wall colours and other furniture laminates. In context with this topic, we have published one article that discusses on choosing kitchen laminates (read here). With strategic move, your room will bring in the festival mood for sure.

stylish dyning table - Ergoflex

Keep a traditional festival flavour

Try and change your cushion covers and match them with festivals. Choose bright colours as they will add lot of vibrance to your rooms. You can also add colourful carpets, table covers and most importantly curtains. Please remember, new curtains give instant festival vibes. For better impact get a nice and small side unit and put a beautiful flower vase on it.

almirah with display cabinet - Ergoflex

How to get a festive look from repaint

Nothing can beat newly painted walls to impress your visitors during festivals, perhaps the safest and smartest way to redecorate your rooms. During this time, you can also polish or repaint your old furniture. However, for better and smarter finish you need to consult with experienced furniture experts.

At Ergoflex, our furniture designers are creating room decors over the years that are inspired from better living and vibrant festivals. Our collection consists of smart and durable pieces that are one of a kind and produced keeping in mind the modern taste and changing preferences of customers. If you need a professional support on interior design, then our furniture experts can visit your space and suggest for better festival looks. Check our latest home and living collection here. #furnitureforfestival #furnitureideas #durgapujohomedecor #diwalifurniture

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